Cassey Ho: Super Butt Burning Workout

We received this killer workout from California Pilates instructor Cassey Ho.

Cassey Ho’s message to GIRLGETSTRONG.COM readers via Facebook:

Hey girls! I just fanned your page and I love your site! I just wanted to share with you some of my fitness routines. I am a Pilates instructor from CA and I started making youtube workouts called ‘Pop Pilates’ which is basically just pilates and pop music! Haha, would one of you be willing to give it a try and tell me…

Cross Butt Kick Workout Routine by Cassey Ho

Cross Butt Kick Workout Routine by Cassey Ho

Palms right underneath your shoulders. The left leg knee is placed behind the right leg and then that left leg is kicked straight out to the left until the toe is pointed, then return to the leg behind the right leg. The entire move can take just two seconds and with good dance music in the background, you can work to the beat.

Leg Lift Workout Routine by Cassey Ho

Leg Lift Workout Routine by Cassey HoThis is real simple. Palms underneath your shoulders. Lift the leg up as high as is comfortable, return and repeat.

We think if you can get through the full ten minutes of this without a major bum cramp you have buns of steel!  (Nope, I didn’t quite make it. Can you beat me?)


Watch this Video of Cassey Ho’s Beach Ready Butt Workout

Transcript from the video

Cassey Ho: Today I wanted to show you my favorite new butt sculpting routine that I’ve been doing in all my pilates classes. It consists of a couple of moves that really attack the glutes. You don’t need any equipment, just you, your mat and just keep squeezing your butt cheeks.