Marisa Tomei Workout Routine

Marisa Tomei Workout

Marisa Tomei focuses on very quick workouts – perfect for the busy girl.

These workouts have seamless transitions and minimal rest and are perfect for the busy girl that struggles to find time to exercise at the gym.

Marisa Tomei’s Workout Benefits:

  • Mold and sculpt your body
  • Improving your cardiovascular system
  • Decrease body fat with weight loss
  • Strengthen your core

She’s so passionate about quick workouts, she brings a hula hoop with her when travelling.

Step One – Warming Up

Marisa Tomei starts her exercise routine with Cross-legged Twists.

Tip: Look over your shoulder and take a breath.

Do some leg stretches to warm up and then stand.

Warm up your upper body with some side stretches.

Step Two – Core and Curves

After some standing toe touches, Marisa likes to then go into her Core and Curves workout. In this stage of her workout she hones speed and agility through Side Steps.

Then Marisa goes into single leg knee bend with rear leg extension, most similar to this video but without the weights or the forward kick. Bend the standing leg while the other leg extends backwards gently, repeat 20 times.

More Marisa Tomei exercises to be added soon.