Fittest Labour Leadership Candidate

Jeremy Corbyn has just won the UK Labour leadership election

But if the election was decided by running the London Marathon – who would win?

#4: Yvette Cooper – 1 point

Yvette Cooper has never ever exercised. We couldn’t find any pictures of her doing anything but standing at podiums. But we’ll give her a point for that.

Yvette Cooper at podium

#3: Liz Kendall – 10 points

The keen jogger has been known to jog for charity.

Liz Kendall Jogging

#2: Andy Burnham – 15 points

Andy Burnham is a veteran of the Virgin Money London Marathon and for that he deserves 15 points.

Andy Burnham London Marathon

#1: Jeremy Corbyn – Over 9000 points for the decathlete

He can cycle. He can swim. He can jog. He can is the ultimate decathlete and his muscles tell the story:

Jeremy Corbyn Underwear Model

Underwear shoot for Calvin Klein

Jeremy Corbyn Cycling

Faster than Boris.

Jeremy Corbyn Motorbike

Known to ride motorcycles and tame Dinosaurs

Jeremy Corbyn is Superman

Just another day at the gym of life for Corbyn


Jeremy Corbyn Exercising

Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t need transportation – he can walk anywhere.

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