Maria Sharapova Workout Routine

The Maria Sharapova Workout Routine is Indoor and Outdoor

Indoors – Maria Sharapova goes to the gym to work on her legs, arms and core strength.

Maria Sharapova in the gym with a medicine ballAt the gym Maria exercises with:



Medicine balls

Rowing machines

Her trainer worked with her in the gym to rehabilitate her injured shoulder when it was preventing her from performing in top level Tennis.

Maria isn’t a massive gym fan and much prefers to get outdoors.


Outdoors – Maria Sharapova gets outdoors to exercise as she loves to run by the beach or walk.

Maria Sharapova Gym Quote I'm not a huge gym personWhen Maria is not in the gym she likes to work on her core more with:

Outdoor cycling

Dancing to salsa music

Beach yoga


Maria Sharapova Biography:

Maria was born in Nyagan, Russia in 1987 and currently residing in Florida, USA, the glorious Tennis player conquered the courts when she won her 1st no. 1 spot in 2005 at the age of 18.

She was praised as one of the best Tennis players the world has ever known and is also doing a bit of modelling and has been a good will ambassador from the UN.

On the court she is known for her great skill as a player and loud – intimidating – shouts when she strikes the ball.

Maria Sharapova Infographic:

Maria Sharapova Infographic