Olivia Wilde Workout Routine

Olivia Wilde Tron LegacyOlivia Jane Cockburn or more popularly known as Olivia Wilde had to be fit to play the role of ‘Quorra’ in Tron Legacy in 2010 and this Irish-American beauty did a great job in that.

Olivia was not allowed to lose or gain weight during the shooting of the movie because the suits that she had to wear, were one of a kind. Her fitness routine during Tron was revealed by the celebrity fitness trainer, Patrick Murphy.

Patrick Murphy’s policy is that he never repeats workouts with the clients.

Olivia Wilde Workout Routine during her role in Tron Legacy

Warm Up for 5-10 minutes by doing cardio and then perform circuit training by doing these exercises as a circuit.

  1. Reverse Lunge into Leg Swing – 15 reps on each leg
  2. Side to Side Skip – 10 reps
  3. Squat/curl/press/calve raises – 20 reps
  4. Jump Lunges – 20 reps
  5. Squat Rows – 20 reps
  6. Power Push-ups – 20 reps
  7. Torso Rotations – 15 reps on each side

Repeat these exercises 3 times with 2 0r 3 minutes rest in-between each circuit.

Olivia Wilde GQ magazine

Circuit training is a great way to lose fat and get ripped. With circuit training, an average person can lose from 450 to 600 calories per hour.
She also did some stretching exercises as well:-

– Stretch Strap Hamstring

– Nerve Glides

– Pigeon Stretch

– 2 seconds Cobra Holds

– Figure 4 Stretch

For her, it was not difficult to follow the above challenging routine, as she was already kind of fit and just had to grasp a bit. But, for average person, it is quite a tough job.
Olivia said about her training:

“I worked with a personal trainer, so I did about an hour of cardio five days a week, weight training three times a week, mixed martial arts or fighting three times a week. My workout routine got progressively tougher as I become stronger.”

Olivia Wilde article in Women’s Health Mag:

Olivia Wilde article in Women's Health Magazine

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