6 Simple Tricks to Help You Look and Feel Years Younger

Those of us who are just plain tired of hearing all those ‘simple recipes’ for the fountain of youth may not realize that there really is some truth behind what we are reading. However, there is also a certain amount of hype to much of it so it is important to stop and think about what it is that you are being told. The truth of the matter is that you really can look and feel years younger if you live a healthier lifestyle, just not the one that Madison Avenue would have you believe. These 6 simple tricks to help you look and feel years younger are easy to follow and within just weeks you can be enjoying a younger and healthier glow.

1. Keep Your Thoughts Positive

Nothing sets you back quite like a negative attitude and if you ever hope to look your best, take that frown off your face! Negative thoughts not only show through on your facial expression but they also lead to undue stress which releases hormones that attack the body.

Face Skin

Don’t let negativity cause premature aging. Instead, keep that smile on your face, think positive thoughts and soon you really will be looking as well as feeling so much better. Few young people have frown lines so why should you?

2. Develop a Healthy Appreciation for the Sun

Another misconception being circulated about Father Sun is that those rays can irreparably damage your skin. While there is some amount of truth to this statement, what you may not realize is that there are certain benefits to be derived from sunshine that no amount of supplements can compensate for.

Sunbathing Cat

Just remember that the ozone layer is being depleted so those UV rays shine through. Wear a good quality sunscreen and limit your exposure, but by all means soak up those vitamins that you can only get naturally from sunshine. It’s amazing how good you’ll feel (and look!) in a relatively short period of time.

3. Use the Body’s Natural Defenses for Ultimate Skin Care

Have you heard the latest scientific breakthrough in skin care? It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, can use your body’s own blood to literally rejuvenate aging, tired skin. This particular treatment was developed in Europe in the 1970’s but has only become popular in the United States within the past decade or so. One US OB/GYN group in Los Angeles, David Ghozland, M.D., Inc., is using what is referred to as the Vampire Facial effectively every day of the week on literally thousands of woman who are amazed by the results. Can you imagine a treatment that doesn’t mean undergoing the knife but rather using your body’s own blood to counteract the onset of aging? Simply amazing!

4. Enjoy a Healthy Sex Life

Ah, there’s something to be said for exercise but even better is a healthy routine of sexercise. Whether you are married, looking to rekindle that spark or single looking for a partner, a good healthy (and regular!) dose of sexercise is just what the doctor ordered. This is a physical workout that provides plentiful cardio benefits but when you ‘feel’ better you look better. Ladies, you can’t deny just how good a healthy workout under the covers makes you feel!

5. Learn the Hidden Secrets of Chocolate

So, you have been told that chocolate is bad for the figure, correct? Well, this isn’t exactly true. Rather, it isn’t the whole story. Dark chocolate consisting of at least 85% raw cocoa is jam packed with antioxidants that clear free radicals from the blood stream as well as from those facial tissues that are so in need of rejuvenation. Want to go to chocolate heaven? Why not eat a few ounces of dark chocolate each day and eat your way to bliss.

6. Eat Plenty of Healthy Fats – Avoid Sugar at All Costs

Forget about those fads, those fat-free diets. Instead of doing away with all fats, keep fish oil, coconut oil, olive oil and other vegetable oils in your diet. Do away with as much sugar as possible, no matter what they call it – sucrose, glucose, fructose or whatever. Sugar sets you on an emotional rollercoaster which wreaks havoc on the mind and body. Want to look and feel better? Fatty Omega-3 and a very low-sugar diet is the best possible solution.

These 6 tricks will have you looking and feeling younger within just a couple of months and none of them is extremely difficult to live with. Who wouldn’t enjoy a chocolate bar and health romp in the bedroom each and every day? No one will believe you if you say you wouldn’t, so don’t even try!