Celebrities Photographed Using E-Cigs

It seems that a lot of people are talking about the difference between disposable and rechargeable e-cigs  today. This isn’t seen any more clearly than it is when you look at Hollywood. After all, they’re great at identifying new trends.

As far back as 2010 photographers have taken pictures of celebrities using e-cigs. One of the first was actress Katherine Heigl from Grey’s Anatomy. While on the David Letterman Show she was heard raving about electronic cigarettes. This actually sparked a media frenzy since these were so new back then. While a lot of people thought she was silly to use something that wasn’t yet approved by the FDA, over the past 5 years a lot of celebrities have followed suit, switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic ones instead.

Who are some of the celebs that smoke e-cigs?  Keep reading to find out.

Helen Flanagan

English actress and model Helen Flanagan is best known for her role as Rosie Webster in the ITV soap, Coronation Street. Many people think she makes e-cigs look really sexy, and that she is not able to be a good role model for the youth of today.  However she has cited that she smokes e-cigs for health reasons and she cannot be outlawed for that.

Simon Cowell

Another celebrity hailing from England, Simon Cowell is best known as a talent judge, music mentor, and TV producer. Known for being both hyper and irritable, many people are not surprised that he smokes.

Katy Perry (a.k.a. Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson)

After growing up singing for her church, Katy Perry started a career in gospel music when she was a teenager. Today she’s an American singer, songwriter and actress who was actually seen kissing an e-cig in a photo. Apparently she likes them a lot.

Michelle Rodriguez (a.k.a. Mayte Michelle Rodriguez)

You wouldn’t think of the actress, screenwriter, and DJ, Michelle Rodriguez as a bad girl. Unfortunately though, photographers caught Michelle Rodriguez and her girlfriend Cara Delevigne (English actress, fashion model, and singer) vaping the wrong thing at a Knicks game. Instead of e-juice, she was vaping marijuana.

Jenny McCarthy

Starting out in 1993 as a nude Playboy magazine model, Jenny McCarthy was later named their Playmate of the year. Today, she’s a model, comedian, actress, TV host, and author who speaks out against vaccines. Of course, she also uses e-cigs and is the spokeswoman for Blu. She’ll even go so far as to say they’ve improved her dating life.

Lindsay Lohan

After a period of great success as an American actress, model, singer, songwriter, director and producer, Lohan fell upon hard times as she became addicted to various illicit substances. Although she’s had a bad girl reputation for some time now, she’s seemingly trying to clean this up by using e-cigs instead of traditional cigs.

Johnny Depp

Winner of the Golden Globe award for his music and the Screen Actors Guild Award for best actor, Johnny Depp has been seen touting e-cig in the film The Tourist as well as in his personal life.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

American actress, producer, and comedian Julia Louis-Dreyfus is best known for her work on comedy shows like Seinfeld, Veep, and The New Adventures of Old Christine. During the 2014 Golden Globes, lawmakers grew mad at her for “glamorizing” e-cigs.

R. Stevie Moore (a.k.a. RSM)

Singer, songwriter, and musician RSM is the official spokesperson for Bedford Slims Vapourettes.

Stephen Dorff

American actor, Stephen Dorff is best known for his role as Stuart Sutcliffe in Backbeat and Johnny Marco in Sofia Coopola’s Somewhere. He’s also been in movies like Blade, Cecil B. DeMented, Space Truckers and The Motel Life. Like R. Stevie Moore, Dorff is also a spokesman for Bedford Slims Vapourettes.

Ronald David “Ronnie” Wood

Ronnie Wood is best known as part of the group The Rolling Stones where he was a musician, singer, and songwriter. However, he’s also an artist and radio personality. He’s also been in the groups Faces and the Jeff Beck Group. Furthermore he also uses e-cigs. Many people point to him saying that you know e-cigs are cool since he’s doing it.

Sean Penn

As an actor and film director, Sean Penn has won himself two Academy Awards. The first was for his role in the mystery drama, Mystic River, while the second was for his role in the Milk. However, Penn is also known for his political activism. With this in mind, some people are wondering if he’ll speak out about the issue of e-cigs.

With so many celebrities now using e-cigs, you can rest assured they aren’t going anywhere.