Majority of Brits Want Health Based Holiday

Barceló La Bobadilla SPA TreatmentThe majority of Brits are looking a little closer to home for their holidays and trying to move towards a healthier lifestyle. 

While Yoga retreats in Exotic locations such as Bali were in vogue in 2014, research suggests a shift in priorities for UK adults.

As the season changes and we say goodbye to long days, holidays and sunshine, many of us will be looking into 2016 for holiday ideas and inspirations from what was big this year.

New research by Flora ProActiv shows the UK as a surprising choice for holidaymakers:

a massive three quarters (72%) of us Brits are open to embarking on a health based holiday

surpringly, the UK tops the healthy holiday destination chart, beating the usually popular likes of Italy, Spain and Sweden

As the Middle Aged Men in Lycra (otherwise known as MAMILS) and Hot, Fit and Fifty (HOFFs) continue to rise, the research also found:

more than four in 10 Brits over 45 claim they’re as or more active on their holidays now as when they were younger

Is this the rise of the super health concious silver surfers?

Apparently not. Two in five (40%) have never had their cholesterol checked and 41% of those 55+ Baby Boomers who have been tested have raised cholesterol, of which a surprising 12% have taken no action to tackle the heart health risk.

Lowering the UK’s Cholesterol

Girl runningFlora ProActiv is on a mission to help lower the nation’s cholesterol through their starter kits, 21-day Challenge and tasty recipes, to help and inspire people. The aim is to kick-start  the nation’s journey towards lowering cholesterol, with some simple changes to your day to day diet and lifestyle. Of course, using Flora ProActiv can help people lower cholesterol levels by 7% to 10% in two to three weeks when combined with healthy eating and exercise. Flora ProActiv contains plant sterols, which have been shown to lower blood cholesterol. Consuming 1.5-2.4g of plant sterols per day has been shown to lower cholesterol when paired with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

So, hop on your bike, grab your hiking boots and spread a bit of Flora ProActiv RRP £3.49 (500g) /£1.90 (250g) on your toast tomorrow morning and you could be doing yourself an awful lot of good.

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