Sea Kayaking at Wakaya Club & Spa

The creator of the wakaya club & spa has a pearl of wisdom that encapsulates the philosophy behind this island resort:

The more the world changes, the more we gravitate to places that don’t

Sea Kayaking at WakayaWakaya Island is indeed one such, located in the Koro Sea to the east of Fiji’s main island, Vitu Levu. It extends to 900 ha (2,200 acres), has an unspoilt ecosystem and is surrounded by a coral reef that encloses those signature South Pacific turquoise lagoons, along with awesome cliffs and pristine white-sand beaches.

Grand Cessna Caravan

Expect to arrive in style thanks to Air Wakaya’s one aircraft, the resort’s own Grand Cessna Caravan.

Well-heeled visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to exclusive island resorts in Fiji, but choosing this one won’t induce a moment’s regret – quite the opposite! Canadian mega-entrepreneur David Gilmour discovered Wakaya in the 1970s and liked the place so much that he bought it, later deciding to share his private island paradise with a few guests. The resulting Wakaya Club & Spa is a sustainable development that contributes mightily to the local economy – an ecologically sound venture that marries the warmth and genuine hospitality of the Fijian people with a stunning environment that virtually guarantees spiritual renewal.

The accomodation consists of just ten ocean-view bures, each a luxurious hideaway close to the water with every comfort (but mercifully no television). Expect exceptional Pacific Rim fare, including produce from the island’s organic gardens and locally reared meat. Seafood comes from the Koro Sea – lobster, shrimp, mangrove crab and fish such as tuna. The heightened sense of well-being engendered by a stay at this hideaway retreat is reinforced by the Breeze Spa for couples, offering sensational massages and natural treatments. Let’s give David Gilmore the last word on his inspired creation:

Where those who have it all go to get away from it all