3 simple ways to improve your fashion sense

Passions for fashion, hitting the catwalk, the IN thing this season – you’ve read the clichés in fashion magazines all the time, and you’re still about as fashionable as a dodgy uncle doing the jitterbug at a family wedding.

It’s time to cut the nonsense. We’re living in different times, when Vogue and Grazia are no longer the fashion bibles they once were. Now, the internet gives voices to an endless stream of subcultures and trends to suit all.

So let’s keep things simple this season. Avoid trends overburdened with complications and look at a few things that offer no-muss, no-fuss super-style.

Normcore clothing


Have you heard of normcore? It’s about as simple as they come. Essentially it’s the art of dressing down and still looking stylish. It might sound like a dawdle, but finessing a downplayed look is harder than it sounds.

For one thing, you’ll have to coordinate your outfit so that very little stands out from the crowd. This means a lot of browns and other dark colours. Moreover, you’ll have to walk the fine line between style and messiness.

We’ve hunted through a few clothing brands and could recommend this retailer’s coat selection to give you the style of the high street without sticking out like a sore thumb. And their range comes at a low price, too, so you can normcore to your heart’s content.

Born in the 90s

We’ve had our fill of 80s style fashion –it’s time to give the 90s a turn.

That’s right – dungarees, baggy jeans and preppy outfits (a la Clueless) offer the kind of pizzazz and comfort that will keep you in good stead for the coming season.

If you’ve not already got a 90s outfit in the back of your wardrobe (you’re not THAT old), then head along to a few charity shops. That’s the great thing about the 90s look – vintage fashion (i.e. someone’s hand-me-downs) are a cheap and viable option.

Kick it old school

What do Marilyn Monroe, Katherine Hepburn. Elizabeth Hurley and Greta Garbo have in common? Answer: they’ve all got a simple style that makes them look drop dead gorgeous.


Take a leaf out of their book. Combine primary colours with splashes of variety and an understated makeup palette.

With old school glamour on your side, you’ll stand out everywhere from cocktail parties to dingy nightclubs. Naturally, the trick with this look is to combine your own aesthetic sensibility with that of the old glamour guard. After all, no one wants to resemble a Marilyn Monroe tribute act.