Eric Leader
For as long as he can remember, fitness has always been a part of Eric's life. At an early age, he remembers his father stocking the basement of his house with tons of equipment and introducing him to the world of fitness. Since that day he laughs, he was hooked. After reading countless books and magazines on fitness, he knew that this was the life for him. After being introduced to the life of fitness at the age of 13, he continued his pursuits throughout high school and college, as well as his love for sports. He attended James Madison University, where he received a degree in exercise science and nutrition. Upon graduation, he became certified by the American Council on Exercise, (ACE) and started personal training and never looked back. After seven years of personal training, Eric never takes for granted the pride and satisfaction he gets when a client achieves a goal. He has worked with a broad array of clients. He has worked with high school and collegiate athletes, right up to seniors wishing to increase functional capacity and overall quality of life.