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Every girl has a story, why dont you share yours? (and no, you dont have to be a professional writer!)

Take a look at the stories already published on the site, or read on.

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Our main purpose with Girl Get Strong (GGS) is to empower women around the world who are interested in living a healthy and fit life.

To achieve this together, we’d love to invite your help in providing our dear readers with the best articles and interesting insights!

  • We’re always keeping an eye out for contributors for GGS.
  • We think that everyone has a unique story to share.
  • If you feel the same and are interested in contributing to our community, we welcome you!

We provide contributors with guideline as to what we are looking to focus on, and suggestions; so you’ll know what we’re in need of and interested in. We are open to your suggestions as long as they align with our overall needs.

Do you have a positive fitness story?

  • Did you get off the couch and buy some runners? Are they dirty yet?
  • Did you work up the courage to go to a new gym? Did you feel at home?
  • Did you train for a run? Was it all you thought it would be?
  • Did you try a new workout? Did you like it?
  • Do you have a story about motivation or inspiration?
  • Did your favorite celebrity inspire you like no one else? Who was it!?

Do you have a health story?

  • Did your life get thrown off track?
  • How did you keep your sanity?
  • What can you tell other women who may be going through the same thing?
  • What important and invaluable lessons did you learn along the way?
  • Do you know something other women/people should as well?

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Who can become a GGS Writer?

Anyone! (At present, we only accept English articles however).

You don’t have to be a professional write or blogger with an established career.

Though, if you don’t have a blog, we will need to review a sample of your writing beforehand.

We do require two things though:

  1. You must know with certainty what you’re talking/writing about.
  2. You must be certain that you can write well. Good writing is critical for acceptance.

Please understand that NOT all who submit an article or apply to contribute regularly will be accepted.

This is due to our quality assurance philosophy. Each article will be reviewed by our team before acceptance.

Only original and unpublished articles will be approved.

When/if your article goes live on our site, it will belong to GirlGetStrong.com. You may not republish it elsewhere without receiving written permission from us.

We also possess the right to decline or take down any article/post which we consider is not up to the standards we have set for our content and readers. We may do so without stating reasons or explanations.

We do no support nor will we publish stolen or plagiarized content:

Write original, unpublished content. Give necessary credit to source. We will check for this.

If you are a contributor who understands and is willing to follow these rules, we would love to forge a long term relationship with you and have you as a guest writer for as long as possible. Good people are hard to find!

If you are an SEO company or someone trying to link-bait with randomly placed guest posts and articles unrelated and irrelevant to our niche, please know that we are not interested in advance and will not accept it.

Get in touch with us through our Contact Us page.

Benefits of Writing for GGS

Girl Get Strong has seen some amazing growth and recognition.

When we first started our blog, we imagined it to be a way for a few friends to keep track of getting fit together.

But we quickly realized that it is so much more than that.  Rather, its about so much more than just us.

We quickly realized that were not the only women struggling to balance life, work, family, household chores and still claw out a little me time.

We’ve met so many other women, like you, who are like us.  We’re all in the same boat together, and girls, we’re headed in the right direction.

You keep us motivated, day after day, and you are the reason why Girl Get Strong exists.

Take a look at some of our awards below:

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Here is what we can offer you:

  • Your own author box with a brief but detailed bio at the bottom of each article, along with a link to your official website and/or social media account.
  • Valuable exposure to a large and continuously growing engaged audience.
  • Appreciation and recognition from a loyal community.
  • Become an integral part in the growth of the women’s health and fitness community by sharing your talents, skills and knowledge.

Girl Get Strong in the Media

By contributing to GGS, you never know where your work might end up, and you will get the credit you deserve. Here are a few of the people and publications spreading the spirit of Girlgetstrong.com.

  • Champion Ambassador Program
    • GGS Buzzing about Champion Shape Gear in their 2012 Spring Catalog
  • Adventures in Fundraising for Children – Peach Arch News
  • Under Pressure: More Canadians Feeling Time Crunch – Canadian Press
  • Twitter Diet Part One – ABC WTVG
  • Girl Get Strong: A Fitness Blog for the Everyday Woman – NY Examiner

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